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Happy Promise Day to all Lets follow some of the good practices defined by some great thought leaders..

Trust is central to PROMISES… trust that we can be taken at our word… trust that today’s “Yes” will not become tomorrow’s “No”… trust that we will meet the expectation with fulfillment.

If we offer something to someone, it is generosity. If someone takes it from us without permission, it is theft. If we make PROMISES, it is now our responsibility… there is an obligation on our part. If we renege on our word, it is tantamount to theft, because not only are we taking back our words, we are taking away the fulfillment attached to the promise, which leads to others being Disappointed in us.

A Good Practice: Write your PROMISES on the calendar as an Appointment… then make sure you show up for your appointment on time.

Promises are great, if they are kept; broken promises bring disappointments and hurt. The only thing we have is our words; a man and his word have to be the same or else he is a liar.

Godly, honorable people keep their PROMISES.

Once two man, a farmer and his neighbour were fighting on an issue relating to the well and its water. The case was sent to the court of Akbar, the king. The farmer said “Sir, yesterday he sold his well to me. Today morning when my wife went to take water from the well, he asked to pay for the water. He says that he has sold the well only not the water of it.” After hearing the problem, Akbar asked his minister Birbal to solve the issue.

Birbal asked the former owner of the well “You have sold your well to him but for keeping water in the well you have to pay him rent or you must take out all of the water at once.” The neighbour was caught in his own trick. He applogised for that. The king also fined him for consuming the time of the court.

Moral: If you do not give the right share to the people, one day you have to pay more than their fare share.