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Happy Promise Day to all Lets follow some of the good practices defined by some great thought leaders..

Trust is central to PROMISES… trust that we can be taken at our word… trust that today’s “Yes” will not become tomorrow’s “No”… trust that we will meet the expectation with fulfillment.

If we offer something to someone, it is generosity. If someone takes it from us without permission, it is theft. If we make PROMISES, it is now our responsibility… there is an obligation on our part. If we renege on our word, it is tantamount to theft, because not only are we taking back our words, we are taking away the fulfillment attached to the promise, which leads to others being Disappointed in us.

A Good Practice: Write your PROMISES on the calendar as an Appointment… then make sure you show up for your appointment on time.

Promises are great, if they are kept; broken promises bring disappointments and hurt. The only thing we have is our words; a man and his word have to be the same or else he is a liar.

Godly, honorable people keep their PROMISES.

Self improvement finally happens when you decide to change your life for the better. The process of self development is not once a week and I’m done, its an ongoing process of ups and downs. Its guaranteed that somewhere along the way you will hit road blocks. But these road blocks are not there to stop you, but simply to test you. These road blocks are there to see how badly you want something, and if your truly ready to receive what it is your after.

1. Create A Self Improvement Game Plan

You have to create a system in order to achieve your self improvement goals. Your goals should be consistent and daily. There is no use in reading a book and never applying any of the tools that are taught. The secret of success is consistency. Creating A Daily Agenda that promotes your goals is integral to your success.

2. Take Action Today

We can sit here and learn about self improvement all day long, but if we don’t take any actions, do we gain anything from it? Self improvement is not meant to be a read once type of deal. Your self improvement study is meant to create a road map to the life of your dreams. You must learn the process than partake in it!

3. Allow Change

Some of the things you are going to learn in self development is going to require you to make changes. A lot of people are not open to change. But in order to achieve any worthwhile success, you must take yourself out of your comfort zone. Be accepting of change, and welcome the challenge. If you keep doing what you have always been doing, chances are you will get what you have always gotten.

4. Success Leaves Clues

Successful people leave clues. Surround yourself with enthusiasm and positivity. The people you spend the most time will create who you are. If you surround yourself with successful people you will learn more quickly and your improvement will be rapid.

5. Take Responsibility

This is your life, you determine what your outcomes will be. Everything you have done in the past is the past, its time to look towards the future and start taking action. Even your environment cannot be held accountable for the person you are to become. You hold the keys to your success.