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Once Akbar, the king heard from Birbal, his minister, that money is supreme for all over and a needy person can do anything for money. The kind didn’t aggreed and asked him to search for such a person. Birbal bring a man who was very poor and was aggreed to do any given task for money. The king asked the poor man to spend a cold night in the cold water pond. The man accept the order and completed the task successfully.

Next day he went to Akbar’s court to receive his money. The king asked him that how he managed to spend such cold night in water. The man told to the king that he saw a lamp post at some distance of the pond and he kept his attention on the heat of the lamp. In this way he spent the night. The king denied to give him reward saying that he sought the help of lamp for passing night.

Next day Birbal didn’t came to the court of the king. Somebody told Akbar that Birbal would come after eating Khichri (a salty dish of rice). After 3-4 hour when Birbal didn’t come the king decided to go his home. He found Birbal sitting near burning twigs with utensil filled with khichri very high from the fire.

Akabar told that how he could get the dish cooked when it is hanging at such a height. Then Birbal said “If a man can get heat from the distance of a small lamp then it is very easy getting the dish cooked. It doesn’t matter what is the distance between fire and utensil.” The king realized his mistake and gave reward to the man.

Moral: If you want to say something, that is difficult to express in words, the presentation is the best way to tell the same.

Once two man, a farmer and his neighbour were fighting on an issue relating to the well and its water. The case was sent to the court of Akbar, the king. The farmer said “Sir, yesterday he sold his well to me. Today morning when my wife went to take water from the well, he asked to pay for the water. He says that he has sold the well only not the water of it.” After hearing the problem, Akbar asked his minister Birbal to solve the issue.

Birbal asked the former owner of the well “You have sold your well to him but for keeping water in the well you have to pay him rent or you must take out all of the water at once.” The neighbour was caught in his own trick. He applogised for that. The king also fined him for consuming the time of the court.

Moral: If you do not give the right share to the people, one day you have to pay more than their fare share.